Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships

"Bridging the gap between nations"


Our Badge



Every Fire and Rescue Service within the United Kingdom has their very own badge, which is based upon the eight pointed star that represents the cross of St. John. The eight points or 'tenets' are said represent the knightly virtues of:

  • Tact
  • Gallantry
  • Dexterity
  • Observation
  • Perseverance
  • Loyalty
  • Explicitness
  • Sympathy





Although we are not a United Kingdom Fire & Rescue Service, we chose the 'eight pointed star' due to what it represents and how it is we help people. Our beneficiaries are emergency workers and despite where you work, or for which emergency service, those core values pretty much stay the same. Within the UK the public recognise the 'eight pointed star' instantly as that of an organisation who is there to help and is recognisable as a Fire & Rescue Service.



As previously mentioned, each UK Fire & Rescue Service have their very own unique badge, and a majority are based upon the 'eight pointed star' due to representing certain traits recognised within a firefighter. These are listed above. This is the building blocks for our badge.



We chose the red circle to surround our 'core image' due to red signifying the fact that we are essentially a 'Fire & Rescue' Service and is once again instantly recognisable.





Probably our most important part of our badge, is the Globe and the multicultural handshake. Our organisation revolves around 'building partnerships' both within the UK and abroad, despite race or religion. We are there to help those in need and welcome requests for help from anyone, anywhere.