About us

Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships

"Bridging the gap between nations"




First and foremost, we are 100% volunteer run, with no paid members of staff. We started our organisation in 2016, with the sole aim of making foreign firefighters and emergency service workers safer, and allowing them to do their job better, ultimately making their communities safer and being able to save more lives.

We started this organisation after returning from Bosnia where we delivered donated equipment and carried out a training course for the Bosnian Firefighters. We did this with a similar organisation, and on our return, we were contacted directly by the Bosnians due to how impressed they were with the quality of instruction they had received. So we discussed options and with the experience of the team, and the level of qualifications amongst us, we decided to start


'Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships'



Our Beliefs and Ethos


We believe that no country should be worse off equipment wise, or financially after we leave. We are in a truly unique position to be able to be friends and colleagues to these firefighters that we help. All of our volunteers want whats best for the country we are visiting and its direct beneficiaries.

Firefighters the world over have a notoriously difficult and dangerous job. The job doesn't change despite where you do your job. What does change, is the level of risk you face due to a variety of reasons. We want to make these firefighters as safe as they can be equipment and training wise, despite other aspects outwith our control.


We have members from across the entire United Kingdom, with a wide variety of skill sets, and UK Fire and Rescue Service Instructors in nearly all fields. As a team we have previous experience, made up from work in other organisations and services, which add up to the following:

  • 4 Trips to Bosnia
  • 1 Trip to Croatia
  • 2 Trips to Macedonia
  • 1 Life Saving Mission in the Mediterranean rescuing migrants with MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station)
  • Over 300 years of United Kingdom Fire & Rescue Service Experience
  • Instructional Qualifications in: Rope Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Large Animal Rescue, RYA, Swiftwater Rescue, Safe Working at Height, Heavy Rescue, Breathing Apparatus, Road Traffic Collision, Trauma, Oxygen Therapy, First Aid at Work, Automatic External Defibrillator, Fire Behaviour, Task & Task Management, Swiftwater Flood Rescue Boat Operator, Mass Decontamination, etc.
  • Members from over 13 UK Fire and Rescue Services.
  • Our Corporate Communications Director has over 16 years experience, across a whole range of both public and private sectors.