Ballyclare PPE Donation

Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships

"Bridging the gap between nations"




Below you can see an array of photos including a variety of PPE that Ballyclare Limited has donated to Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships. They firstly donated a very expensive Brand New Gallet Firefighter Helmet. This helmet will be used by our lead instructors for training both our members here in the UK and firefighters on missions abroad. They then went a step further and loaned us a set of new PPE to display in Tesco during a fundraiser. The uniform went down extremely well with members of the public with many having their photo taken wearing it. Ballyclare Limited then went even further and donated a very large quantity of PPE. Most of it new as can be seen in the photos below. This PPE will be issued to our members for training purposes and most of it being donated to those in need abroad. We cannot thank them enough for their continued support! Thank you!