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Keela Outdoors donates Waterproof Clothing to Bosnian Firefighter





Having used Keela gear for years now, both recreationally and professional I have seen first hand how exceptional the quality is and how their unique waterproofing system really works. I contacted them with a brief e-mail regarding our 'Technical Rescue' project in Bosnia, and they were all too happy to help!!


On discussing the requirements further with Keela and explaining our vision and mission to supply Krupa in Bosnia with the same level of equipment and training as that of a United Kingdom Rope Rescue Team, they instantly knew what was required. Without hesitation they looked for suitable clothing in the correct sizes, and within minutes I was walking out with more than a full set of kit which will keep Kenan both dry and warm whilst on his donated Outreach Rope Rescue course here in the UK, and while he is training and responding back in Bosnia. For more photos click here to be taken to our full gallery with photos of all the kit.



  • Keela Munro Jacket
  • Keela Cumulus Jacket
  • 2 x Keela Scuffer Trousers
  • 2 x Keela Wicking T-shirts
  • 1 x Keela Sweatshirt

Thank you!!