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Our first 'Official' Request for help comes from Volunteer Firefighters in Krupa, Bosnia. The initial request came asking for assistance with regard to 'Specialist Rescue' equipment & training. This meaning they required equipment and training in both Rope and Water Rescue Techniques, however further discussions highlighted that they didn't even have a fire appliance, and the town already had a 'professional' fire station.





We have discussed requirements in detail with the Bosnian Firefighters in this area, and it soon became apparent that they needed help. In 2014 there were devastating and fatal floods in the Balkans which took the lives of 30 people and required the UKFRS to send over a specialist team of water rescue experts. This is neither acceptable or sustainable and the Bosnians need there own specialist rescue capability which we will help them with.

Due to already having a professional station who didn't have a specialist rescue capacity, we put the idea to the volunteer firefighters that they provide a specialist rescue capability, rather than a conventional fire response, similar to that of a non government organisations over here or the Coastguard. They already have very crude and basic water and rope equipment (see picture above) and some basic knowledge. They also have a team of young and very enthusiastic individuals who will travel where required to help their fellow Bosnians. This meant for us, that we could provide much needed life saving equipment to the Bosnians, and that it will have an impact on the greater region rather than just local.


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