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Having worked at Pinkston a number of times with my main employer on both training courses and assisting in teaching courses, I am fully aware of what a superb venue this is to introduce individuals to their first experience of 'Swiftwater Rescue' in a somewhat clinical and controlled environment.

Pinkston have been kind enough to donate us a days training to allow us the opportunity to introduce our supporters to the dangers firefighters and rescue workers face worldwide in these dynamic and dangerous environments without the right kit, equipment and training.








We will be taking our main supporters, Tesco to Pinkston for the day. In the morning they will receive input from qualified Swiftwater Rescue Technician Instructors, and then will be introduced to the kit, also kindly supplied by Pinkston. We will then move them into the 'flat water' basin, where we will teach them to have confidence in their equipment, and how to change between 'Aggressive' and 'Defensive' swimming techniques. Once they are all comfortable we will take them into the White Water course and allow them to gradually build confidence prior to increasing the pace slightly.


Its training like this that sets us apart from other similar organisations and/or charities. We like to develop our volunteers and build team spirit. By running this day, we will show Tesco employees that the work they are doing to support us is well worthwhile and hopefully we may gain some more members.


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Thank you!!